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Guides & Advice For SIPPs

Guides & Advice For SIPPs

Self-invested personal pensions SIPP advice  are the most flexible type of UK pension. They allow you to take full control of how and where your money is invested – but this freedom comes with responsibility and we would always recommend seeking professional regulated financial advice before setting up or managing a SIPP.

Whether you already have a workplace scheme and want to add further investments, or you’re looking to consolidate multiple pension pots, a SIPP is often the most suitable option. You may also choose to use a SIPP to invest in commercial property and/or shares, but this is a complex area so it’s important to get expert guidance before you proceed.

SIPPs Decoded: Expert Tips and Practical Advice for Successful Pension Investing

When it comes to retirement, a SIPP can be an excellent option because you have the flexibility to withdraw up to 25% of your pension pot tax-free at any time, without having to retire from work. However, the remaining balance will be taxed as income at your highest rate of income tax.

There are a number of providers who offer a SIPP, including banks, insurers and investment platforms. Full SIPPs tend to have high fees, but lower-cost platform SIPPs – sometimes known as ‘lite’ or ‘low cost’ SIPPs – are available and are ideal for people who want to make further investments in property, shares or funds that provide a return. These types of SIPPs usually impose lower setup, administration and dealing charges than full SIPPs.

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