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Waterproofing Solutions For Car Park Decks


Waterproofing solutions for car park decks need protection from environmental conditions, vehicular loading and traffic movements. They also require skid resistance, demarcation and a welcoming environment for visitors. Waterproofing systems that are able to cope with the demands of these environments will help extend the design life of concrete car park structures whilst reducing the cost of maintenance. Waterproofing prevents flooding, contaminant leaks and damage from chemicals, salts and oils which can all cause serious and expensive structural damage over time. Waterproofing will also help to reduce the amount of damage that can be claimed through property insurance and will allow for a quick and easy refurbishment process.

NCC have a range of waterproofing solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of new build and refurbishment car park projects. These include surface protection systems that offer skid resistance, bright demarcation lines and are available in a wide selection of attractive colours and finishes. Our products will help to enhance light reflectivity, lower noise levels caused by tyre squeal and also provide excellent fire ratings in line with Building Regulations.

Sealing Success: The Ultimate Guide to Waterproofing Solutions for Car Park Decks

The reinforced concrete decks of new multi-story car parking structures will normally tend to be relatively flat and level, recently laid to the correct falls with no serious/extensive surface defects, damage or contamination, so are readily mechanically prepared (vacuum blast cleaning is typically the most economical method) and ready to accept the selected protective deck waterproofing and wearing surface system. They will usually be required to accommodate movement, resist impacts and abrasion, be durable, chemical resistant, have a high slip resistance and ideally meet the requirements of a fire barrier system (as required by most UK Building Regulations). However it is also very important to recognise that these systems are often exposed to a significant amount of UV radiation which can accelerate degradation and deterioration of the deck waterproofing and wearing surface system.

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