Train Suitcase

train suitcase

A train suitcase is a small trunk-like container to hold toiletries. It was invented when trains were a major way of long distance overland traveling, to allow women to have their cosmetics handy and easily accessible. Some women still use them today, and they can also be found in beauty parlors and on vanity cupboards in homes. Train cases come in attractive designs and shapes, as well as practical ones that are easy to carry and handle. They are sometimes filled with trinkets and other items that have special meaning to the owner. People who practice feng shui might put their travel photos, postcards or pictures of places they’d like to visit in the case.

Luggage rules on European trains are generally more relaxed than those of airlines, and most train operators have no size or weight restrictions at all. There are luggage racks at the ends of each carriage for large pieces, and smaller hand baggage or backpacker packs fit in overhead compartments above the seats. The most important thing to remember is that you need to be able to lift your bag up and down onto the luggage racks on and off the train, so try to travel light as much as possible.

Train Travel Suitcase: Choosing the Perfect Luggage for Your Journey

At most major stations there is a left luggage office with lockers or staffed rooms where you can leave your bags between trains, leaving you free to explore the city. See the left luggage at stations page for details of the locations, prices and opening hours.

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