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The Power of Positive Discipline in Childcare Centres

A strong discipline program can help your childcare centre develop children who have the tools they need to manage their behaviour and understand their role in society. Discipline is important because it helps to teach self-control and encourages positive relationships. In addition, it teaches children how to solve problems and be independent. However, it is also important to remember that disciplining can be difficult and takes time. It is crucial that caregivers/teachers try to make the discipline process as stress-free as possible and that they are consistent.

What is structure in ECD?

For example, if a childcare rowville slams a door or kicks a table and starts crying, the caregiver might use empathy and validation first to connect with the child. They may then set limits and use other positive discipline tools like redirection and logical consequences. They may even create a cool-out space for the child to help them calm down and refocus their attention on a task.

Finally, it is important to praise the good behaviour and avoid rewarding bad behaviour. Children respond to descriptive praise and attention and especially if they are sincere about it. Children also tend to respond better to being redirected away from the misbehaviour, and to be taught what the desired behaviour is in advance rather than after it has occurred.

Our two-day interactive workshop provides early childhood educators, teachers and caregivers with an opportunity to learn the skills of positive guidance. The workshop is based on the principles and tools of Positive Discipline, an Adlerian research-based philosophy.

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