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Whether you are planning to build out your open plan office or simply to make use of existing space for new departments, glass partitioning is an ideal solution. The natural light that flows through glazed partitions will benefit your team’s productivity and create an airy and bright working environment. It will also help you save on artificial lighting costs.

Glazed partitioning can be used to separate offices or meeting rooms within an office without the need for heavy construction work and it is easy to re-arrange if your needs change. Many systems allow for the addition of soundproofing if required and they can be fitted with glass doors or sliding acoustic ones to achieve privacy where necessary.

The Future of Office Design: Enhancing Productivity with Glazed Partitioning

Glass walls are not as strong as concrete or metal partitions and it is important to consider the loads you can expect your glazed partitioning to be subjected to when specifying. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to give incorrect duty ratings or fail to provide a suitable duty rating at all. This is often due to a lack of understanding of the system, a misinterpretation of the British and European standards or simply because the manufacturer is using off the shelf, low grade materials.

All of Optima’s glazed partitioning is specified and tested in accordance with BS EN 12600 Part 2 and exceeds the minimum safety criteria of the Building Regulations – Approved Document K – Part 1 and 2. We advise that you always request heat soaked toughened glass unless otherwise specified.

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