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Choosing an Aerial Lift

An aerial lift, also known as a boom lift or man lift, is an elevating work platform that can support workers and their tools. These are used for a variety of jobs, including construction, window cleaning, painting and general building maintenance. They can be powered by hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical systems. Many are fitted with an emergency switch that allows the unit to descend by releasing a manual valve.

It is important for workers to follow proper safety guidelines when using an aerial lift. This includes wearing a harness and ensuring the anchor point is securely attached to the machine. It is also important to keep abreast of changes in standards and workplace inspections.

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When choosing the type and size of lift to use, consider the terrain at your job site. Is the area hard and rocky, or is it covered in turf or mud? Also, take into account the weight of the lift, the workers and their tools. This will help you determine the maximum capacity you require.

Another factor to consider is whether the lift will need to be able to rotate. If the lift is going to need to move around, you will want to choose one with articulated legs that can bend and twist at different points. You will also want to consider the maximum height you need and how much space you need on the platform itself. This will help you choose the right type of lift for your job and ensure the safety of all workers using it.

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