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Bird Photography in South America

Bird Photography

Avian beauty is an essential component of any South American vacation. From the rainforests of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to the desert-like landscape of Patagonia the continent’s avifauna offers exciting new horizons for any traveler seeking to see wild, exotic birds in their natural habitat. From the flightless Greater Rhea to the stunning Hyacinth Macaw, South America’s diverse avian variety is an enchanting wonderland that beckons with its dazzling hues and intriguing behaviors.

South American Bird Photography would be able to visit every remote corner of the planet in search of a new species. However, the reality is that while pristine wilderness habitats continue to provide ample opportunities for discovery,

many of these ecosystems are threatened by over exploitation and human encroachment. Rampant logging, slash and burn agriculture and insensitive development are devastating huge swaths of the region.

Capturing the Beauty of South American Birdlife: Bird Photography Adventures

As a result, birds are more vulnerable than ever to the pressures of modern life. But, there are a number of ways that travelers can help protect avian biodiversity in the face of these challenges. One key way is to ensure that the local guides leading your trip have knowledge of both birding and photography. The two fields are often undistinguished, but a photographic guide is much more likely to understand the complexities of your camera and will be able to help you take beautiful pictures of the birds you see.

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