Seafood Products

Seafood Products are food items that include fish, shellfish and mollusks. These can be wild harvested in the field or farm raised in pens or other controlled environments. The most common seafood is fresh or canned, but frozen products are available as well. Seafood is a versatile ingredient and can be prepared in a variety of ways, from fish tacos to stuffed clams. More info:

Seafood is an excellent source of high quality protein, fatty acids and many other essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients contribute to healthy growth, development and function of the human body, assisting in the fight against certain diseases like cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. Seafood also contains vitamins A and D, which promote healthy skin, eyesight and the absorption of calcium to aid in bone growth. Some species of fish also provide omega-3 fatty acids that are known to reduce depression problems and boost mental functioning.

Beyond the Plate: The Versatility of Seafood Products in Your Kitchen

Frozen and fresh seafood can be purchased in most grocery stores, as well as from specialty shops and directly from fishermen and farmers. When purchasing fresh seafood, make sure it is refrigerated and used within the recommended shelf-life. If purchasing frozen seafood, make sure the package is labeled properly with a sell-by date and cooking or freezing instructions. The best-frozen seafood products are flash-frozen at sea, which ensures the highest quality product.

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