If you pet has become lost and you live in the Fort Bend County area it is VERY important for you to take immediate action.  The holding period for strays at most shelters in our area is only 72 hours from the time they are impounded, so time is of the essence.

We recommend taking the following actions to try to find your pet:

  1.  Call local animal control shelters, file a lost pet report with them, if requested, and then visit the shelters in person as quickly as possible.  While the shelter staff may try to assist you over the telephone based on your pet’s description, you know your pet best so it’s important for you to visit the shelters yourself and view ALL of their current cats/dogs.
  2. Contact and visit as many of the shelters as possible, NOT only the shelters closest to your home.  National statistics show dogs are recovered up to 14 miles from where they are lost, and cats are recovered up to four miles away.
  3. Create simple, eye-catching posters with a large picture, your telephone number(s) and a very short, basic description.  Do NOT include your pet’s name (this could give the person control over your animal) or your address (for safety reasons).  We recommend offering a generous reward on these signs for your pet’s safe return to encourage people to be on the lookout for your animal.  This site offers good tips on how to create these posters for the most effectiveness.
    •  Lost Dogs of Texas offers a free service which will post your dog’s information online and create a flyer for you with all of the animal’s details. Click here to be taken to this service.
    • If someone calls claiming to have found your animal, ask the person to describe the animal – its size, distinguishing features, temperament, and where it was found - and have them send you a picture of the animal.  It’s unfortunate that you have to take these steps, but some people will respond to lost pet ads just to try to claim the reward or for more sinister reasons. 
    • For your own safety, it’s best to arrange to meet the person in a public place to claim the animal or, if you must go to their home, ensure someone accompanies you and that you have left the address of where you’re going written down at home.
  4. Put the “Lost Pet” posters up around your neighborhood, in entrances and exits into your subdivision, and at other high-traffic points in your area, but be aware of possible restrictions on the placement of signs.  You should also consider putting posters in local pet supply stores, vet clinics, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  5. It’s also worthwhile contacting your Home Owners Association as some of them have an email database and may be able to send out a notice to your neighbors about your lost pet.
  6. Continue to contact the local area shelters DAILY as your pet can be found at any time.  Don’t give up!

Save Our Strays Fort Bend advocates microchipping your pets and placing a collar and identification tag on them with your primary contact number so they can be quickly reunited with your family should they get loose.  Don't forget to update your contact details with the microchip registration service if you move!

Please don't let your pets become one of the many thousands of animals that face euthanization each year because they remain unclaimed by their owners.