We do not have an animal shelter, so dedicated loving fosters are critical to the success of our organization.  We are in urgent need of additional fosters to open their homes and their hearts to our rescues.  Fostering cats and/or dogs in your home provides them with a second and sometimes their only chance of finding a permanent happy, healthy home.  Also, the more fosters we have the more animals we can rescue from local area shelters.  In short, fostering saves lives!

Following are some often asked questions about being a foster.  If, after reviewing this information, you think fostering might be for you, we’d be happy to speak with you about joining our organization!

Are there any minimum requirements for becoming a Save Our Strays Fort Bend foster?

Our fosters must be at least 21 years of age, be able to show proof of identity in the form of a valid driver’s license and have reliable transportation.  They should also have a love of animals, prior experience caring for dogs and/or cats and not be allergic to cats or dogs (whichever they have an interest in fostering).

What are my responsibilities as a foster?

As a foster, you are responsible for providing your foster animal(s) with:

  • Daily feeding and stimulating, safe play
  • A safe and comfortable place to sleep and eat inside your home
  • For dogs only, a safe place to defecate and be exercised outside your home (under your supervision)
  • Socialization with both humans and other animals, if appropriate
  • Basic obedience training
  • House/litter training, as needed
  • Much needed love, patience and security 
  • Brushing and grooming, as needed
  • Transportation to/from adoption events

You are also responsible for immediately advising us of any adverse health or behavioral conditions that you notice in your foster animal and for transporting the animal to/from our designated veterinarian, as required.

Our fosters play a vital role in assisting us with finding the most suitable home for their dog(s)/cat(s).  It is also therefore important that as the animal settles into your home you observe their general behavior, habits and temperament and advise us of these traits so that we can find the best family match.

How long will the dog/cat I foster be in my care?  

If the animal is healthy, it could be in your home for a few days to a few months.  Save Our Strays Fort Bend will work with you to find your foster animal(s) a permanent home by holding adoption events, posting them on our website and other pet adoption sites, and overseeing the adoption process.   We also place a small portion of our cats in our Cat Adoption area at the Petco Sugar Land store on a rotational basis to help promote adoptions.   

Do I have to be home with my foster dog/cat all day?

Many of our fosters are employed full or part-time and are still able to provide a quality environment for their foster animal(s).  We do ask though that any time you are unable to directly supervise your foster animal(s), you should confine him or her to a small, secure area, preferably a crate (dog) or bathroom (cat), depending on their temperament.

Do I need a fenced yard?

We do not require our fosters to have a fenced yard, but we do have an on-leash requirement for all dogs when they are being taken outside your home.  Cats and kittens should never be permitted to go outside.

The foster dog must NEVER be allowed to run free.  If you have a yard or exercise area on your property that is securely enclosed, the dog may be exercised there off-leash; otherwise, it needs to be on-leash at all times. 

Can I choose which dog/cat I foster?

Our foster application allows you to set limits on the kinds of dogs/cats you foster.  If you're asked to foster an animal that doesn't seem right for you or your family, you can decline it.  If a foster animal you've accepted proves difficult to handle, we can make arrangements for it to be placed elsewhere.

How much time will I be required to spend with my foster animal(s)?

It is difficult to specify how much time you should spend with your foster animal each day, as some animals require much more interaction than others.  What is important is that the animal’s basics needs (feeding, walking/litter box cleaning, medications, etc) are being met and that you are spending as much time on socialization and basic training as the animal needs.

What does it cost to foster a dog/cat?

Please remember that we receive NO government funding and rely entirely upon public donations to care for our animals.  We therefore ask our fosters to provide their animals with good quality food, litter for cats, a safe, comfortable sleeping place and basic toys.  Necessary veterinary expenses, including any medication required to treat medical problems, are paid for by Save Our Strays Fort Bend or you may make a tax-deductible donation to cover necessary medical costs.

While fostering is extremely rewarding, you should keep in mind that some rescue animals are not housebroken, may be ill, or may have had little socialization or obedience training.  In spite of these challenges, our fosters have found that these dogs and cats not only improve, they flourish while in foster care.

What do I get out of fostering?

By fostering homeless cat(s)/dog(s) you:

  • Are providing a safe haven for them until they can be adopted into loving and responsible homes
  • Get the unconditional love of an animal who needs you in order to stay alive
  • Are a life-changing force for good
  • Have our deep gratitude for opening your heart and your home to an animal in need
Will I become attached to my foster dog/cat?

Undoubtedly you will develop a great affection for your foster animal -- they bond quickly and give back so much love in return for your care and attention.  However, when your animal is approved to go to an adoptive family, the satisfaction of seeing it move onto a new and better life is very rewarding.  

Should you fall in love with your foster animal and want to keep it as your own, you can go through our adoption process, but please keep in mind that as a foster, you will be able to save more lives if we can continue to place and adopt out more animals with you.

I've decided I’d like to become a foster.  What do I do next?

To become a part of this very necessary, rewarding and life-saving endeavor, please download and complete our Foster Application.  If you want to foster a dog, please email the application to Sharon Rode at rodedog@peoplepc.com.  If you want to foster a cat, please email the application to Susan Peck at speckart1@gmail.com.  

You can also print, complete and mail the form to us at Save Our Strays Fort Bend, P.O. Box 1709, Sugar Land, TX 77487-1709. 

Once we receive your application, Sharon or Susan will review your application, contact you and arrange a meeting to go over our fostering guidelines.  After your application is approved, we will match you with an appropriate animal.