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Met-Ed Offers Free Water and Ice to Customers Affected by Storm DamageMet-Ed Offers Free Water and Ice to Customers Affected by Storm Damage

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Met-Ed offers free water, ice to customers affected by storm

READING, Pa., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/– meted  (FirstEnergy) crews are conducting inspections and equipment maintenance across the company’s 14-county eastern and south-central Pennsylvania service area to ensure its local energy delivery system is ready for increased summer electric demand caused by higher air conditioning usage. As part of this effort, Met-Ed customers are encouraged to report outages by calling or texting OUT to 54487.

Met-Ed: Your Trusted Electric Utility Partner in Pennsylvania

With the right tools, you can easily shop for a better Met-Ed rate. Unlike the default rates set by state regulators, third-party electricity suppliers can offer you competitive pricing and unique perks like 100% Green electricity plans. Plus, switching providers will never impact your service with Met-Ed.

The Met-Ed rate comparison tool from Arbor scans the market and gives you a list of the best offers in your area. Then, you can select the one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Once you make your choice, simply enroll online in minutes to start saving.

Met-Ed and Penelec are owned by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The PUC’s transmission service charge, which will appear on customer bills starting June 1, reflects the cost of operating and maintaining the power distribution system. Compared to the prior base rate, for an average residential customer using 750 kilowatt-hours a month, this increase will result in a monthly increase of $12.

Car Tours Paris – An Experience Like No OtherCar Tours Paris – An Experience Like No Other

Car tours Paris offer a unique way to see the city’s famous landmarks, while also adding a bit of thrill and adventure to your sightseeing experience. Whether you choose to take part in a group tour or opt for a private one, these vintage vehicles are sure to provide an exciting outing, complete with a local guide to share interesting stories and facts about the city’s history and culture.

How to drive a car in Paris?

You’ll be able to see the city from a new angle, while also enjoying a comfortable ride that makes sightseeing easier than ever. These tours can be taken at any time of day, though it’s usually best to visit in the morning when streets are quieter and cooler. URL :

Aside from the main sights, you’ll get to explore hidden gems and discover neighborhoods that many visitors miss out on due to limited time or lack of information. For instance, you’ll be able to enjoy the little-known area of Montmartre and its incredible monuments that even most Parisians don’t know about!

60 Years of the Jaguar E-Type60 Years of the Jaguar E-Type

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It is 60 years since the world first saw the Jaguar E-Type.

In that time they have become a car everyone wants to own. But it is important to go into any classic car purchase with your eyes wide open and in ultra logical Star Trek Mr Spock mode. The reality is that any old car can go up or down in value and the rare ‘flat floor’ Series 1 E-Types are no different. URL

The E-Type had a great start with 72,529 cars sold in 13 years. That prompted Sir William Lyons to think about revising the design with the XK120 replacement. But it became apparent that the cost of completely retooling the factory would be prohibitive. So the Panel makers (Abbey) retooled their lines to meet the demand and the E-Type became a best seller.

E-Type Jaguar Restoration Tips: Bringing Old Jaguars Back to Life

As well as being a very capable and beautiful road car the E-Type was also an outstanding racer. A major contributor to the latter was the superb body work designed by Malcolm Sayer. Heavily influenced by aircraft fuselage design and futuristic American concept cars of the time, he managed to create a shape that was both modern but unquestionably elegant with a unique presence.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the launch of the E-Type Jaguar Classic have built a series of six Lightweight E-Types using up unallocated chassis numbers. This is a very limited run and it is not clear which of the 3.8s they have chosen to build. But if we had to guess it might be one of the six original 77 RW fixed head coupes that made their debut in Geneva in 1961.